Last month we welcomed four new BCIT Co-op students to the Nucleus team, Anthony, Jordan, David, and Gary. We're happy to have them on board and working on various projects with us until the end of June.


Our President forged our partnership with BCIT back in 2014 and provides annual office-tours to the TSP class to provide a glimpse into the inner workings of a MSP and also answer any questions that students may have.

"As a BCIT alumni, I've taken the approach of not forgetting where I came from and giving others the opportunity I had. I kicked off my career in the IT industry back in 2001 when I obtained an IT Co-op job as a summer student while attending BCIT's Network Specialist Program. At the time, a couple people believed in me and gave me the chance with no experience in the industry and it's been an amazing journey. Meeting and hiring team members from BCIT has been amazing, BCIT students possess the certifications, skills, and attitude we're looking for."

- Martin, President of Nucleus


"When half my team is from the BCIT programs, I'd say it's working out pretty darn good."

- Marvin, Support Manager of Managed Services on the BCIT / Nucleus partnership.


Don't take it just from us, here's what some of the Co-op's had to say about Nucleus:

"Being the only place to give TSP a look around, it seemed pretty obvious that Nucleus would be very open to taking on some students (read: no experience!) for a few months! From the little tour we had, the workplace and the people all looked like quite the tightly-knit group. I'm really grateful and glad to have been chosen by Nucleus for my practicum. I love the environment and the work here, but I'm not so skilled at ping pong... have to work on that. I look forward to developing my relationships with everyone here and hopefully with the clients as well!"

Jordan, Technical Support Professional Co-OP


"I wanted to do my CO-OP with an MSP so that I can learn lots about a variety of technical problems and how to fix them. I was also attracted to the work culture that I saw during the tour with our class."

- Anthony, Technical Support Professional Co-Op.