This week our COO, Karl, was invited to the Microsoft Executive Briefing in Seattle on behalf of Nucleus. Part of the event included a trip to the Microsoft Cybercrime Centre. 

Of course, no photos were allowed inside but the group got a tour of the centre and learned the Digital Crimes Unit's top 4 recommended items for defence. We wanted to let you know their top 4 recommendations, in order, before we delve into each of the points in more detail in next week's blog: 

1. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Read more on this from Karl himself, here.

2. Patching

3. Strategically choosing which data you want to protect 

4. Protect against Internet of Things (IoT) Even more from cybersecurity expert Karl, here.

Karl returns from his trip next week and we are excited to chat with him about everything he learned during his time with Microsoft...including checking out The World's Quietest Place. 

Spot Karl in Nucleus red.

Look for more blog posts outlining how those 4 tips can help protect you and your business, as well as an interview with Karl on our new vlog series, Insight

Stay tuned!


cutmypic (3)Samantha Parrett | Sales & Marketing Coordinator