Say hi to Karina, Jared, and Kyle! These 3 smiling faces are our newest BCIT TSP students and we’re excited to have them join our team for the next couple months.



Since 2014, Nucleus has fostered a relationship with BCIT as our CEO, a BCIT alumni, wanted to give students the chance to experience life at an MSP. Our team at Nucleus is filled with former BCIT students; our Sales and Marketing coordinator, Samantha; COO, Karl; Consultant, Andy; Business Development Manager, Rich; and Support Manager, Jon (to name a few) have all come from various BCIT programs. 

We chatted to our newest teammates and wanted to see how they were liking their first week at Nucleus, what they’re looking forward to and of course, what their superpower would be and why:

Kyle: “The first couple days have been great, and the staff have been very welcoming! I’m looking forward to growing within Nucleus. I can’t wait to learn, learn, learn…having just finished school, I am excited to jump into work with an open mind. My superpower would be telepathy of course. I think knowing what’s on people’s minds would be fascinating.”

Jared: “The first couple days have been much better than expected actually! The whole Nucleus team is very welcoming and supportive. I look forward to being able to work on tickets on my own and have a full understanding of everything going on here. If I could have any superpower, I'd choose to be able to teleport anywhere I want so I can quickly get anywhere and travel the world…for free.”

Karina: “It’s been great! I really appreciate the training structure that nucleus has implemented, and everyone has been so friendly and helpful! I’m really looking forward to learning from everyone and growing with Nucleus! My power would be flight, so I can go everywhere and anywhere.”

We also wanted to chat with our Field Support Specialist, Anthony, one of our team members who came to us 2 years ago from the same BCIT TSP Co-op. Here is what he had to say back in 2017:

I wanted to do my CO-OP with an MSP so that I can learn lots about a variety of technical problems and how to fix them. I was also attracted to the work culture that I saw during the tour with our class.”

After his Co-op, Anthony joined Nucleus full-time and went from a Support Specialist to our onsite Field Support Specialist. “It’s been amazing working with the team at Nucleus and I’m thankful for all the challenges and growth I have experienced here! I’m also so thankful for the BCIT program for introducing me to the world of MSP’s and of course, Nucleus.”

We are also hiring full-time positions both out of our Vancouver and our Calgary offices! Take a look here to see if there is a role fit for you!