I recently read the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, which provides a brief history of humankind.  This was a fantastic read that explores the evolution of homo sapiens to humans and how we came to be the most dominant species on the entire planet.  From the use of stones as scrappers and weapons, to the creation of fire and the advancement of technology through to present day, humans have made discoveries rooted in survival and curiosity.  We’ve evolved through trial and error of technology and have passed down information from generation to generation that both protected the tribe and helped make hunting and gathering more efficient.  

Getting things done, while not subjecting oneself to undue danger are basic commonalities that stand the test of time. Examples of safety precaustions that have evolved from our childhood years through to the internet era are:

  • Never talk to strangers (~age 5)
  • Don’t get into cars with strangers (~age 10)
  • Disable location services on your smart phone (~age 15)
  • Keep your credit card information secure (~age 18)

In 2018, through the use of modern technology, we have tossed this sound advice to the wolves.  With reckless abandon, we now:

  • Chat with complete strangers and even meet our future spouses on-line
  • Pinpoint our location and have a stranger pick us up in their car
  • Scan our credit cards into our smartphones so we can pre-order our lattes from Starbucks

So how is this relevant to you and your business?  Well, as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.  We can only imagine the failure and fatalities of our less than evolved selves on curious quests for competitive advantages to survive .  There is no question that technology can do wonders for your business.  The key is to find a trusted industry expert that can help protect you and provide you with sound advice that is specific to the industry you are in.  A technology focused industry expert that has worked with many organizations (or tribes if you will) will help supercharge your technology investments by developing a road map and detailed execution plan; one that helps you get further, faster and reduces your overall exposure to dangers as technology advances.  

As humans, we are curious by nature and have achieved some truly amazing feats with technology.  For you as a business owner, where technology is not primary focus, we are of the belief that investment into a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) will provide measurable return on investment through ongoing, transparent technical guidance.  Don’t waste time being curious with technology and have it fail you.  Work with a vCIO that can help you extract the most value from your technology investment and keeps you safe as your business evolves. 

Check out more of our thinking, capabilities and services at yournucleus.ca ... AND, watch out for saber-toothed tigers!

Rob Wyse | Director of Growth