“If you’re not expanding your horizons, you’re not growing.”

This is how Nucleus’ newest member Rob Wyse views his responsibility as Director of Growth in Toronto.

Born and raised in TDot, Rob had his sights set on a hockey scholarship when a serious car accident forced him to pursue a new path in life. Like many people 20 years ago, a career in the technology sector was part happenstance and part opportunistic.

After a few years of working in the trenches in a technical capacity, Rob’s natural ability to lead, presented him with an opportunity to manage a Managed Services team and be involved in solution architecture and presales on a national level. After landing his first deal, Rob experienced the amazing feeling that came along with this and wanted to keep “winning”.

Seeking a new challenge, Rob found a project based professional services company in Toronto and fell in love with their culture of giving back to the community. “This offered me an opportunity to run a business within a business within a Managed Services setting and be part of something special where giving back was ingrained into culture”.  Finding an environment to make an impact is something that is important to Rob, so this was a perfect fit. In 6 years with the company, he went from Consultant to Director leading a team of System Engineers and technology consultants that focused on delivering managed infrastructure, security and cloud solutions.

“I want to work with a good group of people, have the ability to make an impact on people and not be just a number. Ultimately, I want to make an impact on our clients and community. Finding the right balance of size, capabilities and culture is of the utmost importance to me”. That mentality is what led Rob to Nucleus.

So, what does a Director of Growth do anyways? For Rob, “this responsibility means extending the great brand presence Nucleus has in BC to Eastern Canada. Growth for me is not entirely focused on business development and adding clients. It is also about taking an active, genuine interest in each team member and their talents, to create a climate for growth.  The opportunity to elevate our brand awareness in Toronto, empowering people for growth, while adding value to new clients” is the perfect fit for Rob.

When he’s not hustling at the Nucleus Toronto office, Rob enjoys travelling with his wife Michelle (who happens to be his high school sweetheart) and their two boys Jack and Charlie. Oh yeah, he also has an adorable Spinone Italiano pup named Olive.