My cell phone is the enormous Samsung Note 2, and I wish it were bigger.

Why? Because I don’t use my phone as a phone. I maybe make 2-3 calls on it per day and that’s usually over Bluetooth in my car while I’m driving. The rest of the time, it’s my tablet that I email, text, tweet, Facebook, Hangouts, Skype, OneNote, Pocket, Netflix, calculator, AuthAnvil, flashlight, alarm clock, Dropbox, Skydrive, nCloud, YouTube, LinkedIn, Feedly, Yammer, calendar and Craigslist machine. Honestly, the bigger the screen for me to see and type on, the better.

Maybe I’m just getting old, which I’m totally ok with and not insecure about at all, or maybe I don’t want to haul around an tablet and a phone when I only need one to do both jobs.

- Karl Fulljames, VP of Operations, Nucleus