The GROW Conference happened last week in Whistler and it was a first for Nucleus to attend. Martin, our VP of Strategy attended the two-day conference and shared with us his thoughts from the event:

First off, the Sea-to-Sky drive never ceases to amaze me - it's a surreal/picturesque experience and a great way to kickoff a conference. The Fairmont Whistler was home for the event and proved to be a great venue. The nice thing about GROW is that it's only 2-days, which - to be honest - was the perfect amount of 'conference' for me. I'm used to attending Microsoft WPC which usually has 20,000+ partners congregrate, whereas GROW was a lot more intimate with really only a handful of 'booths' and plenty of networking opportunities.

Day 1 consisted of a few sessions starting with Brian Solis. There were a few nuggets of info that I extracted from the first talk, which told me that this was going to be a great couple of days. There were many inspiring moments including listening to the founder of Skully and seeing where everything began (in his kitchen) to their newly rennovated San Francisco office. The day ended with a mountain top BBQ and Whiskey Tasting thanks for Payfirma. The venue for the evening networking event was amazing considering the 25-minute gondola ride it takes to get up there!

Day 2 consisted of talks/sessions and a great closing founder-to-founder interview with two Vancouverites: the CEO of Shyp and the CEO of Slack. My veins were flowing with inspiration at the end of day two and there was a VIP cocktail event hosted by TELUS and a VIP dinner hosted by RBC followed by the after-party at the Longhorn Saloon. Overall, it was an amazing two-days surrounded by some incredible people looking to change the world, I'll definitely be back next year. The highlights and takeaways for me were:

  • It's important to step out of the day to day and observe/reflect on current and future state
  • Iteration is a must, innovation is critical, and disruption is what you should strive for
  • Put yourself out there and meet people - I connected with a lot of awesome individuals and the networking aspect of these types of events are just as important (if not more important) than the sessions/talks themselves
  • Think big, take calculated risks and make sure you aren't simply iterating as this will achieve limited growth
  • Decisions live in data, focus on your business analytics, don't have any? Then get some!