For many years, IT departments were seen primarily as “cost centers”, meaning IT costs money to operate and does not add to profits of businesses. While this mindset has changed over the years, making decisions around IT spend usually boils down Return on Investment for CFOs.  Forget about all the bells, whistles, features and benefits, the questions contemplated most often during budget planning cycles are either:

How do we pay less for IT?


How will investment in IT positively impact the business?

Altering the mindset of both how IT is perceived and what it actually does for business, is no easy task for IT companies vying to earn your business. Sales professionals are in abundance, all clamoring to sell you some sort of solution they believe will meet your needs.  While the reliability, security, availability, etc. of IT solutions are important, they will continue to be perceived as “costs” until returns are quantified.  

So, how is Nucleus any different you ask?  

We work with CFOs to evaluate your current spend on IT and partner with you to define an investment roadmap: solutions/services that have a positive ROI.  We call this “Supercharging your IT investment”.  Specifically, this means addressing the following in the specific context for your organization:

Security: ensuring the appropriate level of data confidentiality and integrity 
Performance: business enabling technology operating at the speed you require
Availability: certainty that revenue generating or critical systems are serving your business
Reliability: technology services that are both proactive and timely as measured results
KPIs:  quantifying return on technology investment through a business focused roadmap

Spark by Nucleus is an advisory services tailored for CFOs.  We have a track record of working with CFOs to uncover value from IT investments and define a technology planning roadmap that either saves money or has a return on investment that positively impacts both the business and bottom line.  

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