What is your IT Provider’s Value Offering?

While this may sound like a shameless plug for my new firm (Nucleus Networks), it’s not. There are no shortages of IT service providers offering similar Managed IT services to choose from however, not all providers deliver equivalent value.  Some offer value in the form of “quick”, 15-minute response and same day onsite services, while others claim to offer value at providing a personal touch by avoiding long wait times and connecting you with experts immediately.

Pricing models are vast and span, price per user, price per device, price per ticket, fixed fee all-inclusive (minus the umbrella drinks) and everything in between.  But, which “value offering” should you evaluate to receive the most bang for your buck?  We suggest the answer lies a little deeper; beyond price point.  After careful evaluation of your specific IT needs, the most important next steps are to determine:  a) culture fit and b) a modern delivery model, to ensure the greatest value for dollar spent. The risk of selecting an IT partner or MSP purely on the lowest price can be a detriment to your business in the long run.  By including these additional evaluation categories in your decision-making process, there is potential to receive better value out of the gate and over the long run.


Culture Fit

“Workplace culture is the heartbeat of an organization, and either yields energy and motivates people to pursue greatness or sucks the inspiration out of employees and slowly brings a business to a grinding halt”- Kevin E. Phillips

Your IT partner or MSP should have a personality that resonates with you AND provides energy for employees hired to deliver amazing technology services.  This could be anything from smart branding and messaging, to making social and environmental differences.  These intangibles culminate to create an environment that is attractive for the very best IT talent and new graduates to work in.

For the IT provider or MSP, acquiring the very best IT talent is the difference between mediocre and marvelous client experiences. And as the old adage goes - you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true when it comes to your experience during the first and every subsequent IT related interaction.

For you as the client, prioritizing your expectations for service delivery is a good exercise to complete in advance of short listing the firms for considerations as your partner. This goes beyond evaluating the service level agreement for metrics like response and resolution rates.

Top considerations might include:

  • Persona: activity on social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, blogging etc.)
  • Social leadership: community involvement and other social causes (charity work, grass roots programs etc.)
  • Efficiency expectations of the business and users (self-service, high touch, VIP)
  • Rate of internal turnover and online reviews
  • Technology alignment and thought leadership
  • Client testimonials / satisfaction programs


Modern Delivery Model

It’s 2018, we have some truly amazing tech at our disposal and therefore, no human being should waste time waiting for their call for help to be answered.  Beware, some MSP’s have not adapted a modern delivery model to service their clients.  This goes far beyond handling calls for help and includes careful evaluation of the total support technology stack that will be used by the MSP to deliver results that are important to you. A reactive support model is often the cause for shopping around for a new IT provider as there simply is not enough value received to continue the relationship.

Here’s some highlights to look for in your assessment:

  • Demonstrated use of proactive management tools in production
  • Collaboration of tiered support groups and use of technology-based communication
  • Cradle to grave view of team communication throughout various scenarios
  • Self-help, self-service capabilities via a client portal
  • Scalability of the support operation as the MSP acquires new clients
  • Zero touch deployments of workstations / mobile devices
  • Critical event handling and communications to key stakeholders

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