One of the main questions that I get asked from clients is 'do you sell and support phone systems?'. The short answer is yes; but a 'phone system' can mean many things to different people. Is it hosted? VoIP? Do you require conference calling? Call forwarding? Do you have remote users? The spectrum can be from someone wanting one basic phone line, with one phone number, and they want it to ring when someone calls; that's it. Other clients may want a fully collaborative voice solution with features such as instant messaging, desktop sharing, multi conference, video calling, HD voice calling, all which is supported by Nucleus. Luckily, the Shaw SmartVoice solution ticks all of these boxes! Shaw SmartVoice is a next-generation communication platform that is managed by Nucleus and powered by Shaw Business.

In my experience SmartVoice is a great fit for the majority of our clients as it specifically caters to SMBs. If required it can provide basic/minimal functionality or it can also be completely customized to deliver advanced company-wide collaborative features and conferencing across multiple locations. SmartVoice can be be as simple as a few users with the softphone application and an auto-attendant, or it can be 50+ users leveraging video calling and advanced collaborative features.

Being the dedicated IT Department for over 125+ clients across Canada, it is our responsibility to provide them with ongoing recommendations that caters to their specific business needs. Recommending SmartVoice not only provides our clients with an industry-leading voice solution that is powered by Shaw Business, but allows us to be a part of the sales process, configuration, deployment, and ongoing support. As a Managed IT Services provider, we know our client's needs and understand their business; being able to be a involved with the SmartVoice solution from the get-go provides us with the confidence that the solution will meet our client's expectations and is the right choice for their business. We're a big believer in practicing what you preach and that is why we use Shaw SmartVoice here at Nucleus as our chosen voice solution.

-Richard Kask | Business Development Manager