We dedicated our last 2 weeks of #Insight to our amazing Client Success team.

Our CSMs are integral in bridging the gap between the client and the teams within Nucleus to ensure our they get the most out of our services. When asking our CSMs what they do, the phrase "build relationships" always comes up. Over monthly meetings, weekly phone calls and endless emails, our Client Success team fosters meaningful relationships as they advocate, champion, and clients get the most out of their technology investment.

In volume 7 of #Insight, we meet Kenn, Olivia, Mike, Cy, and Saj. Check it out here: 


In volume 8, our Business Development Manager sits down with Director of Client Success and Nucleus employee number 2, Marvin. Marvin has a lot of #Insight about the ins and outs of our clients and has great stories to share about the growth of Nucleus over the years. 


cutmypic (3) Samantha Parrett | Sales and Marketing Coordinator