A lot of people ask us "what sets you apart from the competition" which is a great question to ask as you need to be aware of your x-factors when competing for new business. Without giving away too much of our secret-sauce, one of the key things that makes Nucleus special is the core of its leadership group. The leadership team at Nucleus is composed of three people, this keeps us nimble and able to make decisions on the fly. We are not bogged down by meetings and hierachy which may stall and eliminate creativity within an organization. Experience is vital in this business and if you're new to the Managed IT Services space it's going to take you years to figure things out. Here's a few key highlights that our leadership team brings to the table:

  • Experience building and growing competing organizations in the same market (Syscom, Softlanding, Fully Managed, IKON Technology Services, CDot Networks Inc.) to name a few.
  • Hands-on experience owning/operating a local IT support business (Blackheron Technology Solutions).
  • Real-world IT experience; with most of us having worked our way up the IT corporate ladder.
  • Experts in our field; we've all grown up in the IT support business and know what works and what doesn't.

Put our marketing and branding aside, the leadership team at Nucleus is composed of individuals with decades of experience in the Managed IT Services space - this is valuable on many levels as not only does it allow us to streamline our IT support operations, but it ensures we play to our strengths from all the years of trial and error to make Nucleus the best it can be.