If you are anything like me, then this has probably happened to you:

Monday on the way home from work, I realized it was my wife’s birthday and, like a dunce, I forgot to buy her anything. She let me know quite a few times that I didn’t need to get her anything this year, but I know a trap when I see one, I decide to stop by Costco and pick up some flowers because those Costco flowers sure look a lot more expensive than the $20 I pay for them. I grab the flowers and head to the cashier and the line looks something like the picture below:













Everyone in front of me has carts bursting with stuff and I just have one thing to buy. I feel so guilty asking someone to let me by because I’m already late for dinner, but this one time, I really need to get by! So I look for the line with the nice elderly ladies in it that would notice that I’m carrying flowers and sure enough, they ask what the occasion is, and offer to let me pass. My bacon is saved and I live to see another day!
Sometimes this happens in business.

  • I find a great new hire who isn’t currently working and she can start the next day. I really wish my IT department could get her setup in time for her to get cracking the next morning.
  • I am jumping on a call and I need a new video conference software installed so that I can join the conference.
  • We had a project scope change and we need to move people from one set of computers to another set right away so they can work with the new project team.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a button you could press to allow you to budge in line, just this one time?




We created this as part of our standard process. We know that our customers do their very best to plan ahead, but there are times when you really need something right away and yourNucleus isn’t there to stop you from working, we’re only here to enable you so you can get on with your day.