With the amount of data breaches, thefts, and of course hardware failures, is your business fully protecting its fleet of laptops and mobile workers? We've had a lot situations lately with clients who have had laptops stolen or damaged, which in turn has resulted in lost business data. Most small businesses backup their server(s) but they do not have any insurance on their laptops. We noticed a trend across our clients in terms of a need for a solution to protect data on laptops/workstations that are on the road or at remote sites. We decided to launch a product called N-Cloud (Nucleus Cloud) which is like DropBox for business but better as it offers the following benefits:

  • Seamlessly integrated with your business network
  • Backups happen in real-time as long as you're connected to the internet
  • Files and folders are encrypted with 448-bit encryption to ensure everything is safe
  • Remote-wipe capabilities if a workstation/laptop is stolen
  • Your data is stored in Canada (Vancouver, BC)

If you would like more information on our N-Cloud product, please contact us to discuss further.