We're growing! We've recently added new team members and we wanted to introduce them to you. Here are the first five new Nucleus faces!


Title: Support Specialist

Location: Vancouver

I Ride: WRX

I Eat: Burgers and Japanese food

Hobbies: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Netflix, and Video Games

How did you get started in IT? It was a late start as a career change. Always wanted to have a deep understanding of computers.

PC or Mac:  PC - because Bill rules!

Favorite Quote: Stay Humbled. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Spirit Animal: A Grizzly Bear - A big boy that takes care of his family, sleeps, and eats a lot.


Title:  Support Specialist

Location: Vancouver

I Ride: Blossom skis

I Eat: Tartiflette

Hobbies: Skiing, biking, SUP

How did you get started in IT? Tutoring a friend in math, so that they could get into a computer program.

PC or Mac: Some days PCs, other days Mac.

Favorite Quote: "If you don't do it this year you will be one year older when you do" - Warren Miller

Spirit Animal: Vampire Bat.


Title: Support Specialist

Location: Toronto

I Ride: GO Transit / Honda Accord which I am soon going to say adios to.

I Eat: Food for which I can easily say "now that's a lot of meat." I'm a big meat lover!

Hobbies: Reading, movies and road trips whenever I can.

How did you get started in IT? Passion and curiosity to know what happens when I click on a mouse button.

PC or Mac:  Definitely PC. I like my PC how I like my pizza. Fully customized!

Favorite Quote: "Work hard in silence, let success be your noise. And of course "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."

Spirit Animal: Elephants! Because they are decisive, socially intelligent, patient and confident.




Title: Support Specialist

Location: Vancouver

I Ride: West Coast Express

I Eat: Chicken Wings

Hobbies: Gaming, music, chilling with friends

How did you get started in IT: I started in high school because my friend said to take the class. This is where I really started to find my passion...after a few months I was selected to help the school district tech. I worked with him for a long time and that's where I grew to become the person I am now.

PC or Mac: PC, you have way more customization on a PC than a Mac.

Favorite Quote: "It does matter what day it is as long as you are happy."

Spirit Animal: Koala, because I am cuddly.



Title: HR Manager

Location: Vancouver, BC

I Ride: I prefer to walk, actually a sprint or a run is more like it

I Eat: greens and more greens

Hobbies: Hot yoga, gym, is red wine a hobby?

How did you get started in HR? I helped build a call center from six to 140+ people, that was just the beginning of understanding the strategy of HR. Linking an organization's culture, business goals, objectives and aligning the right people to meet those is powerful.

PC or Mac: Mac all the way - might be the only one in the office-ha!

Favorite Quote: Far too many favs but "Don't be scared to live your own truth" (unknown) "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door" (Milton Berle) "To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are." (Roy T Bennett).

Spirit Animal: Lady Bugs: symbol for luck, wishes, dreams, higher goals and new heights, happiness, spirituality and inquisitive by nature. Butterflies: symbol of change, joy, colour, a personal transformation, guides your personal cycles of expansion and growth.  These are animal's right?

We have part 2 coming soon! Stay tuned.




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