Title: Procurement Coordinator

I ride: Bombardier Art Fleet (the Skytrain!)

I eat: Anything and everything. There's food? I'm there!

Hobbies: Plotting my takeover. One procurement ticket at a time.

How did you get started in IT: Saw an opportunity and took the chance. May have dabbled in an MIS course.

PC or Mac: PC – Fingers catch fire from Apple products...

Favorite Quote: Luck is the crossroad between opportunity and preparation.

Spirit Animal: The Axolotl. Aside from the cool name, their innate healing and regeneration abilities are fascinating. Also they have appear to have a resting dorky smile.




Title: Marketing Coordinator

I ride: Evo and Car2Go...everywhere, all the time.

I eat: ...until I can't move anymore.

Hobbies: Concerts, happy hours and beach runs.

How did you get started in Marketing: I have a degree in Communications from SFU and wanted to mix creativity with communicating. Boom. Here I am.

PC or Mac: I'm afraid to say. (Mac...)

Favorite Quote: The heart of life is good.

Spirit Animal and Why: Any puppy - clumsy and excitable.




Title: Support Coordinator

I Ride: Previously my beloved surfboard that I had to sell before moving over. But now I have a rad Jeep that I wouldn’t even dream of running in the UK (gas is super expensive back home).

I Eat: Biscuits (not cookies), coriander, courgette, aubergine and lots of tea. Proper tea.

Hobbies: Drink beer and Snowboard, preferably at the same time!

How did you get started in IT: I used to be an Archaeological surveyor so used to do lots of AutoCad stuff, that’s probably how it all started.

Mac or PC: Mac, even after having to fix them for five years!

Favorite Quote: It’s important to live with a curious and open mind, to observe and to think about what happens, and to live in the now.

Spirit Animal: Bill Murray.




Title: Support Specialist

I Ride: Skytrain.

I Eat: Ramen.

Hobbies: Watching Twitch streams.

How did you get started in IT: During High school.

Mac or PC: PC master race.

Favorite quote: I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Spirit Animal: Cat.




Title: Support Specialist – Work Order Team

I Ride: Transit.


Hobbies: Hike Volcanoes, Mountain bike, play soccer, walk my dog, cook new recipes, spend time with Emma - my lovely daughter.

How did you get started in IT: When I was a kid I enjoyed taking things apart and them putting them back together, only back then I’d have so many spare screws when I was done...haha

Mac or PC: PC!!!

Fav quote: “Pay attention to the fine print. It’s far more important than the asking price” -  House of Cards.

Spirit Animal: Bear.

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