"Sounds great, but how much does it cost?" 
"What is my monthly cost going to be?" 
"Can you just give me a high-level estimate?" 
This is something in the business development world I hear all the time and I’m sure I’m not the only one. At face value these sound like fair questions, right? Sorry, but it’s not that easy.
Specifically speaking within the Managed Services world, it’s hard to gauge what it would cost to support client X; especially if you don’t know anything about them. Think about it this way, you know something is wrong with your car so you take it into the mechanic to get a quote to fix it; you tell them they can’t look under the hood or do any investigating into the problem, you just want to know how much it costs to fix it. Chances are that mechanic isn’t going to be able to give you a proper quote without being able to look under the hood to know what the actual problem is. Now translate this example to Managed Services and your current IT infrastructure, without us ‘looking under the hood’ we can’t define a realistic price or technology recommendations.
This is why whenever we talk to prospective clients, initial conversations aren’t price driven (and if they are, it’s probably not going to be a great fit). Conversations surrounding the ‘get-to-know-you’ phase are just that, we focus on truly getting to know the business. We focus on understanding current-state technology, future needs, pain points, frustrations, and the long-term business road map - all before we even talk about pricing. 
We need to understand what you currently have in terms of an IT infrastructure and technology, how are you using technology, what are the major ‘red-flags’ off the bat, and where do you want to go as a business. To gain this knowledge we will actually provide an on-site technical assessment and in most cases, there is no fee attached. Once we know this information, then we can focus on aligning pricing and budgeting requirements to fit this overarching goal of utilizing technology to empower your business. Without knowing all of these intricacies, throwing out pricing would be akin to picking a number, regardless of the business or their needs, and hoping it fits. 
Now let me be clear.. yes, of course we have pricing models and some form of standardization based around service types, etc. BUT, and its a big but, if we simply just focused on throwing out ‘standard’ pricing numbers without truly focusing on the business itself and how they utilize technology, we would be utterly failing at our core; we are a true Managed Services Partner, not a reactive vendor. We are not a purely reactive company that just turns wrenches and puts out fires, yes we have a Service Desk division that provides reactive support for live client issues, however we go far beyond this. We are a proactive business Partner to our clients and focus on providing strategic technology recommendations that align with their specific business requirements. We call this SUPERCHARGING your technology investment.
Interested in elevating your business by SUPERCHARGING your technology investment? Feel free to reach out and let’s start the conversation! 
Richard Kask | Business Development Manager