For existing, new, and prospective clients, we think it's important that you not only know about our service offerings, but also where we came from, our values and what we stand for. Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing posts about Nucleus that will highlight our business, our team and what makes us different. Today, is all about the beginning.

During the height of the dot-com bubble our CEO & Founder Gary, was working for an engineering firm in Vancouver. He had a passion for technology and a keen understanding of computers. Naturally, he became the engineering firm's in-house 'IT guy'.  Gary observed that solid execution of IT management had a direct impact on the success of the business. He also noticed there was a major gap in the industry for managed IT services and saw this as a new business opportunity . In 2001 he developed a suite of tailor made IT solutions allowing businesses to completely outsource their IT department to an IT services partner. This is where Nucleus was born; in a 600 square foot apartment in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC.

Gary was a one man show managing 9 clients and decided it was time to hire his first employee. Gary met Lawrence through a friend of a friend and in 2005 was offered to join the team as employee #2. Within the year the team grew to managing 12 clients and Gary called upon his cousin Marvin, a fresh faced 21 year old who had recently returned from Australia, with no money and looking for a job. Marvin had experience building his own computers and quickly learned everything he knew from Lawrence, and joined the team in 2006 as employee #3.  Both Lawrence and Marvin have celebrated their 10 year anniversaries with Nucleus and are still with us today!

With 15+ years of experience, Nucleus understands what works for managed IT and what doesn't. Unlike most IT providers that are just getting into the Managed IT industry, we've been through all the trial and error which enables us to provide our clients with maximum support and return on investment.

If you’re a business based in Canada and are considering options for an IT partner, we would love to speak with you.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business!

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