Small businesses are no longer immune to digital threats, if anything, they're the most vulnerable due to lax policies, limited governance and limited investment towards IT security. Small and medium sized businesses are constantly in the news for getting hit with malicious attacks such as ransomware which in some cases, has put organizations out of business. Most providers throw software at security problems and phishing attempts; however, this doesn’t address educating and training users which is generally the root cause of security incidents.

When it comes to IT Security, there’s no silver bullet and that’s why we’ve spent the past 6-months refining our new security offering in an effort to secure your networks and business data.

Prior to launching our Security Awareness Training offering, we analyzed our database of security-related tickets across all our clients. One thing stood out; most incidents were tied to a lack of user education and IT security awareness. Therefore, we’ve focused on elevating the knowledge of your staff as a key component of Security Awareness Training. This new IT Security offering is priced per-user, per-month and can either include or exclude two-factor authentication for your staff.

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What is 2FA? 

2FA (two factor authentication) is a two-step verification process which provides users with an added layer of security that not only requires a username/password but also a piece of information only the user can access such as a text-message or a physical token.

Security Awareness Training

  • Ongoing user training and education
  • Mock email phishing campaigns to end-users
  • Online, self-paced security awareness training
  • Reporting on training progress and test phishing campaigns
  • Users can flag suspicious emails via Outlook and send to Nucleus for analysis
  • Ransomware monitoring and protection for your network
  • Automated password enforcement and password Auditing
  • Data theft prevention of your critical business data
  • Advanced phishing prevention via social media and public webmail access controls
  • Two-Factor-Authentication for users

If you're interested in learning more about our Security Awareness Training offering, please reach out here!