Our President Martin DesRosiers was guest featured on the incrementa.ca blog highlighting Slack as a tech tool that helps super charge Nucleus.  Check out the full post here!

Most businesses struggle to find a way to bring people together. As many organizations now employ a distributed workforce, how do you create transparency and foster an amazing culture, especially if you have road warriors or multiple offices?

Luckily, a tool called Slack can provide the transparency people crave, a platform to build a culture upon, and the ability for stakeholders to keep their fingers on the pulse of their business.

Slack is more than just a messaging app, it’s a cloud-based productivity tool that can drive efficiencies and allow your business to make better decisions, quicker! Slack is composed of three main areas that can make an impact on your business which I’ll touch on briefly:


Channels can either be Public (everyone in your organization can see or contribute) or Private (select groups of individuals can participate in the conversation). Standard Channel topics include departments and/or teams, clients, partners, management, etc. There is no limit to what you can create and it allows you to create total transparency across your organization but also create private channels to triage things in real-time, regardless of where staff are located.

Direct Messages

Cluttering inboxes is a thing of the past, having real-time one on one conversations via Slack is the new norm. Whether you’re using the mobile, desktop, or web app, Slack allows you to communicate one on one with individuals, facilitating conversations through its platforms instead of the endless back and forth emails.

3rd Party Integrations

The biggest x-factor, in my opinion, is the vast/powerful integration ecosystem that Slack has created. It allows Slack to become the middle-layer, or the single source of truth if you will for all your business information systems. Curious on the latest client that’s coming on board? Check Slack, curious on who’s joining the company? Check Slack, curious on what leads are coming in from your website? Check Slack…you get the drill. Slack becomes that single pane of glass into all aspects of your business and as a bonus, it provides cutting edge communication and collaboration functionality that’s critical in everyday business life.

Slack is one of those tech tools that can revolutionize your business. It’s one of those things that if you achieve 100% user adoption, 6-months later you look back and wonder how you survived without it. It’s an invaluable tool to communicate, collaborate and bring your team together. If you’ve yet to ‘Slack’, I highly recommend giving it a go!