What can we assist you with? Need a technician to visit your site? You got it! Install request? Let me get someone on that for you! Got a new machine coming in? No problem! Uh oh, phishy email came your way? Send it on over, we will take care of that for you! 

 Welcome to the land of the Support Coordinator, where your typing fingers are fast and the hats you wear are many.  It may sound hectic but the fast paced and dynamic aspects of this role are what makes every day at Nucleus as a Support Coordinator different and more interesting than the last.

 At first glance you may think that the role of Support Coordinator is chalk full of all thing’s computers, servers, files and applications and while much of the role does include this – the most important part of our role as Support Coordinators is the people. It’s the clients we support as well as the staff we support who are providing the exceptional and quality care to our clients. Personally, I believe this is one of the most important parts of my role. Supporting your team is the first step in providing quality and meaningful care to clients; and when our clients are happy, we are happy!

 Now, I’m sure you are wondering and waiting with bated breath to find out what a day in the life looks like for one of our coordinators, so let’s go on a little tour. Since Nucleus is not your average IT company, the Support Coordinator is not your average support role. Each of our coordinators at Nucleus is designated a Pod, and each pod has its own set of clients. This has been a great transition for Nucleus, as the Pod system has allowed the coordinators to become familiar and closer with our clients and their needs on a much more detailed and personal level. And at the end of the day, who doesn’t want personalized care and support, right? We have built meaningful and close relationships with our clients, so when we aren’t catching up on vacation plans and family updates, we are monitoring all the support requests that come in to ensure that everyone is being assisted. We are the ones one the other end of the line when you call in, and when we aren’t on the phones (or when we are - lets be real, we are serious multitaskers) we schedule and coordinate all the new machines and workstations that go out to our clients as well as the onsite visits that are required, all while maintaining our motto of client centered care and supercharged support at the root of all we do.

 So next time you call in, say hi to your friendly Nucleus Support Coordinator, here to assist where we can, provide quality support, and maybe a side of smiles and laughs.

Want to meet all of our Support Coordinators? Check out this Insight video! 


Payvand Gonzalez | Support Coordinator