Have you ever been at work and thought: “I wish I had some more insight on that...”? Well, we sure have! 
That’s why we wanted to create a weekly video series providing YOU with insight into the tech world. It’s called, you guessed it, Insight! Our goal is to provide you insight into the ever-changing technology landscape as well as tech tips, interviews with our awesome staff, and discussions with industry partners. Our team at Nucleus is filled with seasoned IT veterans and we want to share our knowledge with you.
Whether you’re a client, prospect, or just interested in learning more about Nucleus, we’ll share our thoughts on everything from cyber-security, company culture, branding, the future of IT, and a variety of other topics.
Every week we will bring you a brand-new episode! In our inaugural episode, our Business Development Manager Rich talks about phishing and spear-phishing before bringing in our COO and resident security expert, Karl, to discuss cyber-security podcasts and what you can do to stay safe. 
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cutmypic (3)Samantha Parrett | Sales and Marketing Coordinator